Inventory Tracking

Real-time product or inventory tracking is no more impractical in our intelligent software. Features like tracking by inventory, warehouse, location, FIFO, LIFO and Multi UOM helps you to know exact movability and to frame a better logistics management plan.

Individual Product

Each stock unit is assigned with individual product ID on creation to make tracking and maintaining of inventory with reference to product a hassle free process.

Track by Complete batch

While stocking the inventory, the user can generate batch ID for the purchased items in the purchase order receipt and goods receipt modules to keep record of inventory batches.

Location and Location type

Locate a product in a multi warehouse inventory or standalone inventory in few clicks. Our system segregates inventory into two layers, such as location (example: Dubai) and location type (example: Warehouse).


Track your inventory based on First In First Out system, the older products in the inventory are considered as sold first and pricing will be calculated as per the old stock in the reports.

Track by Expiry

In the process of creating a stock, user shall provide the expiration date for the item. Items with near expiry or beyond expiry will be notified in the aging reports.

Stock Replenishment

Avoid running out of stock in the inventory, as we monitor and keep a list of replenishing items being displayed for your business, refill stocks as they

Barcode tracking

Barcodes are enabled automatically with the product number after creation. User can scan the barcode and have the inventory management system fill the required field automatically.

Track with Multi UOM

Some products are sold and purchased in different units. In order to track those unit, the user can input either sales or purchase UOM and retrieve their product data.