Manage Orders

Create and Manage surplus number of Purchase orders, Sales orders, Sales estimates, rental and consignment orders from a single detail oriented order management module, and keep records to track them seamlessly with our high efficient order management solution.

Purchase Orders

Generate and mail purchase order online in a comprehensive way with Purchase SKU, vendor discount, shipping customer and other add-on features. Keep record of purchase orders, purchase receipt and monitor status of order.

Sales Orders

Issue sales orders to client without any error in inventory data. Monitor stock levels while adding items to the order, maintain records to recognize highest selling stock and redeem potential business.

Rental Order Management

Manage all your rental equipment and facilities efficiently from a single module integrated within order management suite and track the duration and cost accurately without failing dues.

Consignment Management

Consignment order management functionality provides error-free process of handling incoming and outgoing shipments, tracking consignment inventory and assist in assigning consignee and delivery process.

Bulk order creation by Templates

Create multiple purchase order and sales order using import order templates from the order master module, this benefits the user to manage time and orders efficiently and exactly.

Multi UOM

Keep track of all your stock keeping units without complication in our multi UOM feature. Assign purchase UOM and Sales UOM separately for each unit stock and sell as per your convenient way.

Approval System

Each organization has it hierarchy to deal with approval and requests. Our software maintains appropriate workflow to simplify conventional order approval and maintain better interdepartmental communication.