PDA Barcode Tracking

Generate unique barcode for every individual inventory and transactions with our advanced 1D and 2D enabled PDA barcode tracking system, this helps you to identify the accurate inventory amongst thousands of its peers and retrieve the relevant data.

Stock Take
(Online & Offline)

PDA Barcode scanners are installed with android application that supports both online and offline stock take process. In online stock take process, the data will be directly transferred to your modules cloud data, and in Offline stock take excel sheet will be generated as per the stock take and the user can transfer it to their PC workspace and upload it as per their convenient.

Stock Move

Moving your stock internally or outside inventory is no more complicated process with PDA enabled inventory system. Stock move functions records all the data of inventory to be moved and the user can assign the location for the inventory to transfer.

Goods Issue

Scan the Barcode of Goods Issue receipt after pressing the Goods issue icon on PDA to view the list of products included in the receipt along with quantity. Scan the stock to be issued from the inventory with PDA and press submit to deduct the issued quantity from the inventory.

Goods Receive

While receiving the goods against purchase order number or Goods receipt number (GRN) scan the barcode in the order to check the status and data in the order. Goods Receive icon helps you to receive and load the stock in the inventory against your orders.

Sales Pick & Issue

Pick and issue goods by scanning sales order, user can also issue or pick as individual product and in batches with the PDA application making it easy to manage and dispatch orders for the warehouse employee.

Purchase Order Receipt

Scan the barcode in the purchase order to view the complete data of the transaction, the status of the purchase order stating open, completed or not completed details can be retrieved in PDA.

Track Location with Barcode

Once the user scan the barcode, the locations in which the product is placed will be displayed in the drop down box, enabling the user to select the location from where they wants to pick the stock.