Warehouse Management

Improvise your warehouse managing approach by deploying our futuristic software that enhances overall productivity and minimizes operational errors. Advanced warehouse management features helps you to keep track of all the inventories and highly assist you in streamlining the entire process.

Stock Move & Stock Take

Move your stock internally within your inventory warehouses and have a precise mobility with our inventory tracking. Stock take process are made easy with our hardware support, helping user to consume less time on locating and accessing inventory.

Manage Multiple Warehouse Inventory

Create multiple warehouses and maintain their inventory with less strain. Store and stock products from multiple locations and access them from a single point of control with our multi-warehouse inventory feature.

In-house transfer

Transfer stocks within warehouse for internal transfer or issue directly from them as per user convenient. Without issuing order, move your stocks with appropriate reason code for internal transfers.

Rack & Bin Assigning

With our three level inventory layer, allocate rack and bin numbers to your inventory warehouse. User can take control of inventory activity without wasting time for locating the stock.

Barcode Enabled Material Tracking

Barcodes are a virtually error-free way to assign product information to a specific item, such as batch number, product ID. Scan the barcode to retrieve the location and other data of the product.

Space Utilization

Our three layered warehouse specification such as Location, Location type and Rack & Bin assigning provides efficient utilization of space, without congesting the environment.

Reduce Labor Cost and Time

We provide you accurate data of your inventory to control and eradicate delays in warehouse, manage and streamline your work force and maintain a smart warehouse policy.